Returning & exchanging goods without reason within 7 days: Because of non-quality problem, such as personal reason (dislike, misfit, buy more, buy wrongly), you can return or exchange goods without reason within 7 days since the date of receipt. The freight fee will be borne by the buyer.

Returning & exchanging goods because of commodity quality problem: The commodities are all strictly inspected before sale. If you accidentally receive the commodity with quality problem, please contact customer service to exchange within 24 hours since the receipt of commodity. The freight fee will be borne by ENFASHION Jewelry.

If you need to return or exchange goods, please make sure that it is kept intact (including packing box, tag, bill of sale, brochure, gift) and doesn’t affect secondary sale, or we have the right to refuse returning and exchanging goods.

Scope that cannot enjoy the service of returning and exchanging goods:

- Any commodity that is not sold from ENFASHION Jewelry’s official website

- Any already used commodity

- The loss of packing box, tag, warranty card, bill of sale, brochure and gift or affect secondary sale

- Any commodity with quality problem because of non-normal use, storage or improper maintenance

- The invoice is issued for commodity but it has not been returned to our company

- Returning or exchanging the customized commodity without quality problem will not be accepted due to personal preference requirement.

Packing standard of returning goods: Each single product should be put into a transparent bag. Don’t put two products in a transparent bag (For example, a pair of earrings should be put into two transparent bags respectively). Then the bubble wrap should be used to pack the product in the bag. The product should be put into the cardboard box. If the box has vacant space, please use bubble wrap to fill it, avoid product friction and pay attention to extrusion and water resistance. If the returned commodity is damaged on the way or the packing box can’t be used again, you should bear corresponding fee.

The payment will be returned to the original way within 7 working days after the returned commodity has been inspected and put in storage.