Step 1: Select commodity

Select the quantity of commodity that you want to buy, confirm the color, size and quantity of commodity, put them into the shopping bag and then click shopping bag.

Step 2: Confirm the shopping bag

Modify the quantity of commodity or remove the unwanted commodity on the page of shopping bag.

Step 3: Settlement center

Confirm that the purchase information is correct on the page of shopping bag and then click the button of “paying the bill”.

At the moment, if you haven’t logged in, please go to registration page. You should login onto the account firstly and go to fill in order information.

Step 4: Fill in recipient information

Please fill in real name of recipient, region, detailed delivery address, postcode and contact number, so we could deliver the commodity you buy accurately. If you have discount coupon, you can activate and use it.

Step 5: Choose delivery method

The delivery method should be filled in according to the region where you are. Currently, we provide China Post Air Mail and DHL Express service for most cities. If the region is not in delivery scope, you can contact our online customer service or call national customer service center +8620-81338901.

Step 6: Choose mode of payment

We provide many online payment modes for you.

Step 7: Order confirmation

After filling in the above information, please check carefully and confirm whether the quantity, color and size of commodity, delivery method and delivery address are correct.
After confirmation, click “confirm order”. Then the system will generate an order number.

Step 8: Pay

After paying and submitting the order successfully, please wait for delivery.

After the order is submitted successfully, you can go to your member center to check your order status.