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When you use online consulting and QQ consulting in the website, the website will ask you to provide necessary personal materials according to actual situation. These materials belong to privacy protection scope. We will protect these materials.

In the following exceptional situations, we are unable to guarantee the aforesaid promise and will disclose user’s relevant information. These situations include but not limited to:

(1) When you behavior in the website violates Measures for the Security Protection and Management of the International Networking of Computer Information Networks, Measures for the Administration of Internet Information Services or may damage or hamper other persons’ rights and interests or make others suffer from damage, disclosing your personal materials is the necessary action for identification, contact or taking legal action.

(2) Personal information that must be disclosed according to the provisions of laws and regulations.

(3) When judiciary authorities or other authorities perform official duties according to law and ask website to disclose specific personal materials.

The website has comprehensive technology protection measures and safety maintenance mechanism to guarantee the content of your personal information. But if your information is damaged and disclosed and you are subjected to loss due to force majeure or special intrusion by computer virus infection and hacker attack, the website will not bear any legal responsibilities.

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