Brand Story

The Brand

Brand origin

Originate from
Western aesthetic criticism force;
Develop from nothing to perfection;
Refuse commonness,
Pursue fashion with decoration
And create true self.


Be born in 2011, Located in Guangzhou, China.For 8 years, our aim is to stand steadily in the fashion world and satisfy the life field. We have a place in European and American fashion market by virtue of a keen sense of fashion.

We are ENFASHION, we do in fashion. With the original intention of brand that takes root in fashion world, we focus on trans-boundary fashion designer cluster and experienced production team and manufacture jewelry with unique taste. CLASSIC, PIY and ART jewelry

Series integrate European and American popular fashion symbols and Chinese elements. Our guiding concept of product development is the integration of eastern style and eastern flavor. Our dream is to make each ordinary life enjoy extraordinary aesthetic origin.

In our world, the sense of form and creativity are rooted in art. We continuously explore, refuse commonness, look for design aesthetics in any form, pursue fashion with product and exist for creating true self.

Top left:Fashion&PIY series

Top right:Fashion&Classic series

Bottom left:Fashion&Art series


Top:Fashion Letter Necklaces Pendants Alfabet

Middle:Triangle Long Earring Ear Studs

Bottom:Vintage Large Circle Dangle Earrings

Brand concept

Decoration · identity · Aesthetics


Speed · Quality · Uniqueness · Aesthetics

Perceive fashiont's speed
Manufacture quality of life
Create modeling with special form
Appreciate designt's aesthetics

To be different


Headquarter of Enfashion,Guangzhou P.R of China


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